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Upcycled Antique Zenith Radio Stained by leaningcedarsvintage

MORELIGHT 16inch / DIVISION by resurface on Etsy

Fiddlehead Ferns Pierced Paper Lampshade with by jennybeeshades

Vintage Medicine Lampshade lamp shade by SpookyShades on Etsy

Lampshade for Pendant fitting your choice of my by HouseofChintz

Laser cut Lamp Japanese Clouds by hannahchristie on Etsy

Single Camellia Pendant Lantern by Khalima on Etsy

Blue Loofah Light by THISgallery on Etsy

Large Feather Chandelier by miloshop on Etsy

Yolo Text Tessellation Lantern by MTHarvey on Etsy

Claylight Pendant Asymmetrical Dots Pattern by lightexture



Holiday 2010 Special Edition Lamp

LIVE LAMP // Tillandsia Air Plant Globe by tohold on Etsy

Handmade pendant light by FiligreeCreations

Vintage Typewriter SECRET MESSAGE Lantern by czechpub on Etsy

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