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Small Moon Jellyfish in Organic Cotton and Silk by awkward on Etsy

Hanger 150 by aaronbranddesign on Etsy

Laser cut Lamp Japanese Clouds by hannahchristie on Etsy

Origami Tea Light Lantern by Nahkande on Etsy

Dark City no3 NEW YORK CITY by NestaHome on Etsy

Yolo Text Tessellation Lantern by MTHarvey on Etsy

Lowercase empire letters Metal Sculpture for shelves by gaugenyc

Claylight Pendant Asymmetrical Dots Pattern by lightexture

ROUNDED SQUARES matte finish removable vinyl by ExpressionsWallArt

18 x 18 paper collage floral burst wall art by box64studios

GREAT blue HERON by DIMDI Original watercolour painting by dimdi

Postcards from Paris and Rome Decorative Designer by Loubella1


The Knitting Girl Print by evajuliet on Etsy


(via libelinhadesign)


Desert Memories Fiber Art Wall Hanging by texturesgallery on Etsy

10 x 10 Inch MULTI MEDIA Work / Collage by davesmurf100 on Etsy

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